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Like XKCD for History Buffs

Take a look at Hark! A Vagrant:

She also has an LJ at beatonna.

Oh, yes.

I don’t care if it’s old; it’s new to me.

I’m not usually into beatnik stuff,

but this is pretty good.

This made my day

From FishRockit

Huckabee on Gay Marriage

I know Mikasaur2000 already posted this, but it’s so fantastic I need to post it again.

Science is awesome: the Kaye effect

and while I’m posting robot videos…

How not to get a summer internship

I recently received the following email, sent to a non-work-related account I have. Except for removing this person’s name and city, I have not changed the text or formatting (size, boldness, line breaks) at all.
A cover letter looking for an internship →

Moving Pictures

Some of my readers have said they want me to post more videos I find. So here’s a Lego production line that makes cars. The button-pushing at the beginning selects what colors to use for each of the pieces. I’m very impressed with whoever made this; it’s quite a feat. Side note: how hard do you think it would be to make a von Neumann machine out of Legos? Easier or harder than making it out of custom parts?

…and just for the hell of it, here are some kittens having fun with an empty Coke box:

Please, Sam, don’t use the word ‘acumen’ again.

I installed ScummVM this evening and have been playing classic LucasArts games. I’ve verified that Monkey Island and Sam and Max seem to work, and they’re as fun as they ever were. These were created back in the day when games couldn’t depend on their graphics to be entertaining, so they actually had to be witty and humourous. Ah, good times!