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Scientists are Awesome: Robert Sapolsky

(via the guy behind Laughing Squid)

Yes, it’s about cat parasites. No, it’s actually awesome and surprisingly easy to understand.

edit: The video can no longer be embedded. The video and full transcript are here.

This dude, Robert Sapolsky, is a neuroscientist at Stanford, winner of a McArthur “Genius” Award, and an amazing speaker.

I could listen to him all day long. Even his daily class lectures sound fascinating (part 1, part 2; admittedly these require more of a background in the field to fully understand).

Science is Awesome: Speciation Happening Within Our Lifetimes

(found via the Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe)

The short version: British bird enthusiasts have (unintentionally) split a population of birds into two separate groups, and over the past 50 years they have slowly but surely been turning into two separate species.

The long version (copied here for fear that the original article will disappear):
Article behind cut →

Science is awesome: the Kaye effect

Science is awesome: early life support machines

Merry Easter, all! Zombie Jesus may not be real, but we can honour him anyway by watching videos of Zombie Dog Head, which is real. Though I should first post a WARNING: THESE VIDEOS ARE VERY GRAPHIC. The first one shows organs and body parts that have been dismembered. The second shows a dog getting killed (and then brought back to life; there is a happy ending!). Seeing early prototypes of the life support systems that hospitals use is fascinating!

Science is awesome: the mannequin bird

Science is awesome: the Rubens tube