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Science is awesome: early life support machines

Merry Easter, all! Zombie Jesus may not be real, but we can honour him anyway by watching videos of Zombie Dog Head, which is real. Though I should first post a WARNING: THESE VIDEOS ARE VERY GRAPHIC. The first one shows organs and body parts that have been dismembered. The second shows a dog getting killed (and then brought back to life; there is a happy ending!). Seeing early prototypes of the life support systems that hospitals use is fascinating!

Science is awesome: the mannequin bird

Science is awesome: the Rubens tube

A nerdtacular moment

My frisbee claims it is 175 grams, but it certainly doesn’t feel like the regulation weight. Consequently, I wanted to weigh it. The problem? I don’t have a scale. However, I have a bathtub, a whiteboard marker, a large bowl, and a bottle that claims to hold 237 ml. I fill the bathtub partway, and put the bowl in it. I fill up the bottle and pour it into the bowl, and then mark on the bowl where the level of the bathtub water is. I empty the bowl, put the frisbee in it, and mark the height of the water on the bowl again. I take the frisbee out of the bowl, and mark the height of the bathtub water on the bowl when it’s empty. I then take the bowl out of the water and measure the distances between the 3 marks. The distance from the bottom mark to the top mark should denote a volume of 237 ml. The distance from the bottom mark to the middle mark should indicate the volume of water whose weight equals that of the frisbee. After a little algebra, I decided that my frisbee weighs roughly 200 +/- 50 grams. I guess it may very well be labelled correctly.