Stupid, crappy, grumble grumble

I’m getting pretty fed up with F&M this summer.

At the beginning of the summer, they said I could move into my new room, so I did. I then locked the door to the suite, the door to my room, and went to bed. The next morning I was awakened by 3 guys from F&M in my room wondering how they were going to paint the room while I was living in it. After talking to their headquarters, it was established that I had to move back out. A week later, I could move in again.

Partway through the summer, I (or rather, my parents) received a bill for “room damages.” Not being able to remember damaging the room, I inquired as to what these damages were for, and the reply was that they had to repaint the ceiling because the paint had been ripped off. I went back to look at the old room, and sure enough, there was about 3 square inches of paint that had come off before I lived there. I had marked the ceiling as “good” on my room condition report (by which I meant it didn’t warrant an “excellent,” but was still nice). However, because I hadn’t specified what exactly was “good” about it, they billed me. It seems like many people have gotten ridiculous damage charges (apparently, my $75 was cheap), and the parents are even speculating that they’re using this as extra fund-raising.

It gets better – on Friday, I woke up to 2 people from F&M in the suite talking loudly. When they noticed that I had been sleeping, they left. I got up and went to work. When I came back for my lunch break, I discovered that everything I had left in the big single had been thrown out. This included the entire bridge club inventory (cards, books, cheat-sheets, etc), half of my dishes, and an LCD monitor I was storing for a friend. I spent my lunch break that day talking to F&M trying to get my stuff back, which I was able to do only because the garbage truck hadn’t come by yet. When I initially explained my problem, the secretary tried to claim that I had no business putting stuff in that room and that anything in there was liable to be thrown out. I replied that it was the room I was officially staying in (and I showed her the key), so they had no business touching anything in there. It turns out that when Robert moved out, they planned on cleaning the room he vacated, but didn’t write down which room in the Case Library that was. So, they picked the one that looks like someone had just moved out (for the back story here, Robert and I will both be in the double next year, and the big single was empty, so over the summer he had the double and I had the single. When he moved out, I started moving my stuff into there, so that I don’t have to move when school starts). I eventually got it all back, but I had to sort out the cards again (sorting 10 decks of cards is rather tedious, let me tell you), and in general it’s still a mess. They had just put everything in bags and thrown it out, though they did have the sense not to break the monitor.

Today, again, I woke up to find F&M in my room poking around. However, this time it was Jesse, who is a very cool person. He’s going to be in charge of cleaning Case this year, so he was looking at all the different rooms. After seeing how each other’s summers have been, he left.

So… yeah. I’m fed up with F&M waking me up in the morning. I’m fed up with them telling me I can live in the room and then treating it as though I’m not. Everyone’s fed up with them charging us for minute damage that was there before we moved in. I wish there was a way to change this, but I can’t see how to. Well, perhaps someone else will have a good idea. Until then, thanks for listening to me gripe.

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  1. eve_wyoming says:

    Alan — that sucks!!! Thank heavens they didn’t throw anything away!!!! I hope work and everything is going well and I promise I’ll be better at keeping in touch!!!

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