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The good news: the president of Diebold resigned after enough problems with the ethics of his company, his products, and his personal business dealings. I maintain that if people are hell-bent on electronic voting (and I personally am hell-bent against it), the system should be transparent and open-source so that anyone can both verify that it is correct and formulate improvements to the system.

The bad news: President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran claims that the Holocaust never happened. This is significantly less forgivable than claiming that Israel is a blot in the middle of the Arab world that should be wiped off it. It makes my blood boil to hear people say things like this. I might be able to understand the claims if the Holocaust had happened centuries ago, but some of the people who were in it are still alive today! Is President Ahmadinejad actually trying to claim that my grandfather did not get shipped to France to fight the Nazis? Is he claiming that 20 million Russians did not actually die in some fictional “World War,” and have merely been hiding in their basements lo these past sixty years? He certainly seems to be purporting that everything from Kristallnacht to Auschwitz is an elaborate hoax. Argh!

The ugly news: I have 3 tests to take, a 10-page paper to write, 4 assignments to grade (with 20-ish people turning in each one), 7-ish ACM problems to code up, and 3 more grad school apps that need to be finished this week. I wish I could say I’m almost home, but I’m not.

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  1. envirobitch says:

    sorry for being a nit-picker

    the holocaust happened, but that’s not why americans were shipped to europe. that was defending democracy and it’s pure-caucasion protestant participants from fascist aggressions.

    also, I like the idea of hiding in my basement and getting confused as to whether I’ve been fighting a war or now. :-p

  2. csn says:

    C’mon. You are wasting your energy. I told you a long time ago that the Iranian administration has long been one of the craziest and most dangerous in the world! This guy is a nut. you can’t take what he says seriously. People like this only want power, and they feed on the volatility of others’ emotions to play into their games.

  3. Look at it this way, because it’s a wee bit heartening:

    The argument that the Iranian drive for nuclear magicks is a reasonable pull-our-country-up-by-our-bootstraps argument is now shot to shit.

    Now everybody knows they’re nuts.

    Besides, the Holocaust was clearly the work of an intelligent agent, so it’ll always be part of the curriculum in the US, particularly in Kansas.

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