This Semester was Supposed to Be Easier…

Well, crap. Tomorrow I have a clinic presentation, and tonight I have a practice for that. Tomorrow I also have SciComp due (and no, I did not turn in the rough draft when it was due last week, so I have a fair amount left) and Big Algorithms. Wednesday I have a paper due in my Brit Lit course, followed by more Big Algorithms on Thursday. Friday, for a change, I have a presentation as well as a project proposal for my Psych course and I think that this week I’m supposed to make the slides for the LaTeX seminar. and to top it off, Letty wants the robotics team to give a presentation for Parents Weekend (I still haven’t seen the robot since August, let alone checked if it still works, let alone created a map of… wherever the presentation is going to be). Moreover, I got about 3 hours of sleep last night. I was given to understand that this semester’s 18 credits would be easier than my equivalent of 22 credits last semester, but that’s not happening right now. Only 3 more months to go… :-P

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  1. dhalps says:

    Define “equivalent of 22 units”, and, since you are hopefully not insane like me, and more importantly didn’t get 0 credits for a semester, why are you taking 18 units?!?!?!

    • Alan says:

      17 real units (though clinic should be worth more than 3), plus one and a half grutoring jobs (3-4 units) plus grad school/job applications (1-2 units).

      And I’m taking 18 units because I messed up my hums – I was supposed to take 15 units this semester, but I made my IE pass/fail last semester, and apparently that won’t actually count, so I had to take another one. Though in the larger scheme of things, I’ve got 18 units because I like taking electives and have taken too many over the last few semesters (LSD, Robotics, E4, Big Algorithms, 4 years of Putnam, 3 semesters of Programming Practicum, etc.). Consequently, I’ve still got 15 units of required classes (including the extra IE) because I’ve been pottering around with electives the whole time. and I’ve got another ~25 units of electives that I want to take and won’t get around to.

  2. riccobot says:

    Someone should really explain to my why exactly pass/failing an IE makes it not count as fulfulling your requirement. That and why does no one tell us these things?

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