Another news spike

Nothing interesting has happened for nearly a week, and all of a sudden, lots of things are out there! The space shuttle Discovery appears to have launched without incident, and is on its way to take a German dude to the ISS. Former Enron executive Ken Lay died of a heart attack (note that this brought up an excellent example of why Wikipedia should not be trusted (edit: link is broken; use the WayBack Machine to see the article) as much as an actual encyclopedia, since its information is not guaranteed to be correct). Although neither of thise is particularly important news, I thought I’d add them in anyway. More importantly, North Korea had a failed missile test which has prompted much of the rest of the world to be quite alarmed. UN Security Council meetings and economic sanctions appear to be following quite quickly. The test included a Taepodong-2 missile which, if successful, could hit the west coast of the USA. It appears as though Korea will have another missile test in the near future. In Europe, the Italians are cracking down on people who supposedly helped the CIA kidnap people and transfer them to countries where they were tortured. If this is part of the alleged secret CIA torture system throughout Europe, there is a lot more to be uncovered. However, it appears so far to just be a few people. Finally, Israel has continued its incursion into the West Bank, this time attempting to stop Palestinians from firing grenades into villages. The military activity began a week ago when Palestinians kidnapped an Israeli soldier, the first such abduction in over a decade.

Right. I think that’s all for the moment… Oh! and the World Cup final seems to be Italy versus France.

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  1. dhalps says:

    .. I was actually in the middle of watching the WC playoff when I read this :-p. They air at 3am here-time, since I miss all the ones that are on during a normal-person’s workday.

  2. riccobot says:

    Allez les Bleus! I feel I must support France even more as we are currently there and will be for the final. There was much honking of horns in celebration last night in response to the semi-final victory.

    • “Much honking of horns” doesn’t cover it. “Much honking of horns at 2AM while we were getting all of the five hours of sleep that our travel ‘adventure’ afforded us” might.

      Grumble grumble Ryanair grumble!

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