Movie review: A Prairie Home Companion

While I’m still thinking about movie reviews, I saw A Prairie Home Companion (the movie) the other day. They really captured the spirit of the radio show well. It was pretty entertaining, though I should warn you that, like on the radio show, the plot crawls along only fast enough to keep the characters from running out of things to say. I like how they worked Guy Noir into it, though I wish they’d have mentioned Lake Wobegon. The movie was completely filmed on location, which was neat—I’ve eaten at Mickey’s Diner, and driven past the Fitzgerald Theater (which is where the real radio show is really recorded). It’s a quirky movie with some fun characters. but again, don’t expect anything to actually happen during the whole movie; the important thing is just the funny/likeable characters and the strange things that occur around them. Garrison Keillor and the band were all played by themselves, and it was neat to see what they actually look like, having listened to them many times before.

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  1. krustad says:

    I have heard (via my uncle, who worked on the movie) that Garrison Keillor is thinking about making Lake Wobegon into its own movie… that may be why it wasn’t included in this one.

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