Your Feedback Wanted!

I’m thinking about splitting my blog into two distinct parts: one would have personal stuff in it (bridge results, movie reviews, the wacky hijinks of my friends and me), and one would be all the impersonal stuff (world news, civil liberties stuff, politics). What are your thoughts? Would people prefer that I split this content up? If so, would you subscribe to one, the other, or both? I’m also toying with the idea of finally getting a domain name for my webserver, and putting the newsy blog on it (and then offering things like an RSS feed). Would other people prefer that significantly more than the current setup? The split in blogs may occur soon, though the move to my server wouldn’t happen for months.

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  1. sneaselcouth says:

    While in the end it doesnt make a huge different and it is whatever is easier for you, Id say leave it on LJ so I can friendspage it. If you split journals, Ill just befriend them both and read it all anyways (the only posts of yours I skim are bridge and tech-talk ones, and I still skim those so I can keep up with yer life.) But yeah, Ill adapt.

  2. The only posts of yours I tend to skip over are the bridge ones since they are over my head, so I would not prefer you split it up, but I wouldn’t have a problem if you did.

    As for there being a non-LJ blog, I would probably read it (especially if you make it look nice), but I don’t really use RSS… maybe I should start.

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