After a great afternoon/evening with Mike, Michael, Kenny, and John (during which we had sushi, went minigolfing, and watched a really fucked up movie), I have spent the past 2.5 hours trying to help my erstwhile frosh, Steven, install Gaim-LaTeX on his new Ubuntu system. The worst part? It still doesn’t work after all this effort. We have been hacking the files together, which involved manually copying files into /usr/include and /usr/lib/pkgconfig, as well as editing config.h, just to get the damn thing to compile. Now, it’s compiled and gaim recognizes it as a valid plugin, but it doesn’t seem to do anything. How frustrating! Unfortunately, apt-get doesn’t seem to have a package for Gaim-LaTeX, which is why we’re trying to do this by hand. Any idea what might be wrong? Does anyone know how to get Gaim to print out debugging information about this sort of thing?

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  1. hmcmodelt says:

    Stephen could always install Windows and then download AIM or Trillian. Both work prettymuch the first time with only a few minutes of install time. Windows can be a bit more temperamental. But he’s a smart guy and can work around those problems.

  2. Works for me:

    1. apt-get install imagemagick
    2. Find tex2im ( has a binary that works on my x86 machine)
    3. Stick it somewhere in your PATH. (/usr/bin? /usr/local/bin?)
    4. apt-get install gaim-dev libgtk2.0-dev
    5. export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=$(locate gaim.pc)
    6. make
    7. make install
    8. Make sure gaim-encryption isn’t set up.
    9. run gaim, be happy.

    I might have left one or two things out; that was a lot harder than it should have been.

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