\/\/0rD 8@|V|35, part 2

I came up with this puzzle on my own, but I don’t seem to be the first one to think of it. How many animals can you name that are also verbs? My list is in the first comment.

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  1. Alan says:

    buffalo, fly, rabbit, rat, beetle, bug, parrot, hog, ape, hound, carp, pig, gull, snake, fish, shrimp, bat, badger, dog, mouse, goose, crow, horse, wolf, skate, ray, cat, hawk, ferret, eagle, dove (I’m gonna count this, even though it’s past tense).

    I admit I used a dictionary to check the ones I wasn’t sure about (carp, gull, shrimp, mouse, goose, ray, hawk, eagle).

    If you follow the link, you can see other animals I missed.

    • dhalps says:

      A few more I got in the 2 minutes I was willing to spend :p

      bear, birdie (see eagle :p), buck, chicken [out], cow, duck, foal, monkey [around, with], turtle

      Also, for “animals”: dwarf

      … silly nonalphabetical list making this that much harder….

  2. psifer says:

    Peacock is a verb in The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pick Up Artists

    I overexuberantly recycled a cell phone that had your # (+ all the HS crew that might be knowing your #) on it. Not sure what to do as you say your email is fritzy and I’m rolling out Thurs morning. 773 636 7407, call me when you get in? Hang out sometime Wed?


    • Alan says:

      Aw… my number is on Facebook, where it is totally accessible to you! I think that’s the whole purpose of Facebook—it’s a place to store your friends contact information that automatically gets updated when they get new phones/addresses/screennames.

      It was great to see you! Wanna get together again Thursday?

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