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The American embassy in Athens, Greece was apparently bombed this evening? I can’t find any articles on the internet about it, but I suspect there will be several tomorrow. Remember: you read it here first!

More details when I can find them…

Edit: That’s right—I beat Reuters to a news story! by about an hour! The blast appears to have been outside the building itself, and it looks like no one was hurt, though it shattered quite a few windows. Personally, I suspect this is a group of leftist extremists trying to “retaliate” to Bush’s speech last night. Many Greeks are against the Bush administration, as shown by the protests when Condi visited the country in April.

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  1. hmcmodelt says:

    How did you know about this news before other people did? I’m reminded of that newspaper mogul from Tomorrow Never Dies. Are you making the news?

    • Alan says:

      Curses! You’ve found me out. I took a 2-hour trip to Athens to bomb the embassy, and then made it back just in time to watch Anderson Cooper give a brief report on CNN about it, thereby setting up my alibi… wait, I think I just messed up. I should go back in time and make a new alibi! Yes, surely this second plan is foolproof.

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