A Great Way to Spend Halloween

Having spent yesterday with over 200,000 likeminded individuals (these last two photos were even taken with my own camera), I don’t want to be social today. So, I want to spend Halloween at home but still do something unusual and festive. My solution:

  1. Put on Rainy Mood
  2. Pull up a fireplace on Infinite YouTube
  3. Turn out the lights
  4. Read my 130 year old edition of the works of Washington Irving by candlelight.

All I need now is a bust of Pallas above my chamber door.

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  1. MMartin says:

    You lucky SOB.

    • Alan says:

      I’m not that lucky to have an old copy of Irving’s work. This one was published over 20 years after he died and some of the pages are coming loose. A friend of mine found it in a thrift shop. You can probably find a copy, too, if you look hard enough. :-)

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