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Science is Awesome: Speciation Happening Within Our Lifetimes

(found via the Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe)

The short version: British bird enthusiasts have (unintentionally) split a population of birds into two separate groups, and over the past 50 years they have slowly but surely been turning into two separate species.

The long version (copied here for fear that the original article will disappear):
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Though it was horribly off-topic, I really liked this SlashDot comment:

Why must I be forced to send my children to schools where the teachers insist that we are descended from apes?

The very idea is utterly ridiculous. A cursory glance at ape anatomy shows that it is impossible for man to have ‘evolved’ from one. It is just a rubbish idea. Everyone with any education at all knows that man actually comes from australopithecus.

This has lightened my mood in a rather discouraging day.