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The Singularity is Not Necessarily Near

For those of you not already familiar with him, let me start off by introducing the visionary futurist Ray Kurzweil. He’s done some amazing things, but I don’t think his whole Singularity thing is right. →


On a random note, yesterday night there was a possum hanging out on the steps up to the LAC computer lab. It was pretty cool to see.

I know this is old hat in the blogosphere, but it turns out that the cartoons that the Muslims around the world are so incensed about were actually republished months ago in a major Egyptian newspaper, without anyone complaining. Why are they all protesting the republication of these in secular newspapers now? As far as I can tell, it’s due to propaganda put out by the various governments in the region, but I don’t see the goal of it all. What are these people trying to protest? I’m having difficulty finding a valid reason for anyone, particularly a religious group, to hate Denmark (unless you’re really anti-drugs, but that’s totally off-topic).

On another news topic, Sadam Hussein’s trial has broken down once more, with the defendants’ lawyers boycotting the trial, and the defendants refusing their substitute lawyers, forcing guards to drag them to the courthouse, and shouting through the whole thing. I can pretty much understand this – if you get caught for genocide/etc, you can’t really do anything except stall and make everyone else miserable while they try to bring you to justice.

Oh, and Cheney shot his friend while they were hunting, which I think is pretty funny.