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How cool is this – my favourite author, Lois McMaster-Bujold, is mentioned in the News section of the current Penny Arcade. Few people have heard of her because her publicist is mediocre at mest, but she’s a fantastic writer (to this day, my favourite book is Cordelia’s Honor by McMaster-Bujold). She is currently tied with Robert A. Heinlein for winning the most Hugo Awards ever, and has won a bunch of other awards as well.

A couple years ago, I unknowingly got to meet her–my girlfriend at the time and I were wandering around Barnes & Noble, and since we’re both fans of McMaster-Bujold, we stopped to look at her books. A woman walked up to look at them too, and asked if we were fans of the author. We replied that yes, we both loved her work. She then pulled a book off the shelf, and told us that she had just finished it and rather liked it. We thanked her, and she left. We then turned to the back cover of the book, which contained a large picture of the woman with whom we had just spoken! It was pretty cool, though I wish I had recognized her before she left.

Anyways, I highly recommend her writings, if anyone is looking for some great science fiction to read. Her character development is unmatched, in my opinion.

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  1. envirobitch says:

    oh! oh!

    I’m so glad you’re a fan, too! She may be a genre writer, but her ideas are so much fun. Also, that is awesome

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