How many words can you find?

In the Sunday newspaper, interspersed with the comics, is a section called KidCity which is intended for elementary schoolers, but which I read for the fun and strange facts in it. This week it was all about tiny animals (hummingbirds, etc). Although I’m not usually interested in the activities in the section, this week’s read:

How many words can you make from the letters in the word MINISCULE? We used a special computer program to discover more than 70, so anything over 20 is an excellent score!

I naturally took this as a challenge. I found a bunch on my own (over 50), and with the help of my family and the dictionary, we got a total of 77 (all of them are listed in the first comment to this post, if you’re interested). There are some pretty neat words out there!

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  1. Alan says:

    Here are the words, in alphabetical order:

    clime, climes, clue, clues, cue, cues, el, elm, elms, els, em, ems, en, ens, i, ice, ices, ileus, ilium, in, ins, is, isle, lei, lein, leis, li, lice, lie, lies, lime, limes, limn, limns, line, lines, me, men, mi, mice, mien, mile, miles, min, mince, minces, mine, mines, mini, miniscule, mins, minus, mule, mules, muni, munis, muscle, music, ne, nice, nil, scum, si, sic, sin, sine, since, slice, slim, slime, sluice, slum, smile, sue, sum, sumi, us.

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