A fun web series

It revolves around Mr. Deity (creator of the universe), his assistant Larry, Jesse (also known as Jesus), and Lucy (short for Lucifer).

More episodes are at mrdeity.com, and extra stuff as well as a Seinfeldesque project they did are on their YouTube channel. Two of the YouTube episodes even feature Michael Shermer and PZ Meyers.

It’s so strange to think that something this entertaining can be made by the same people that did the infamously bad Windows 7 video.

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  1. Alan says:

    Interesting note: since these are professional actors, they’re doing things professionally. There are no lenses in their glasses, to avoid unwanted glare from the lights.

  2. hmcmodelt says:

    This is the best web video series ever. Somebody showed it to me about a year ago. My favorite is The Really Big Favor.

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