An Unexpected Annoyance

My car keys have an RFID chip in them, and my car has an RFID scanner that allows me to unlock the doors and drive the car without taking the keys out of my pocket. The transceiver in my new cell phone is strong enough that it jams the RFID communication when it’s in the same pocket as my keys. I now need to get in the habit of keeping my keys and my phone in separate pockets. :-P

Edit: to be clear on the unexpected part, not only did I not foresee this issue, I’ll wager that neither the RFID makers, nor the car designers, nor the phone designers considered this confluence, either.

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  1. teffers says:

    For the past ten years or so, I’ve kept my keys on a carabiner hooked to a belt loop and tucked into my back pocket.

    It leaves my front pockets open for my wallet and change on one side, and my phone and chapstick on the other.

    Plus it means no unsettled keys jabbing me in the thigh when I sit down.

  2. iguanawow says:

    If I connect an ipod to my car stereo, my cell phone has to be at least 3 feet away from the ipod or the speakers start buzzing loudly. I have the same problem with computer speakers in our apartment (but luckily, not the speakers hooked to our TV).

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